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Marketing Policy

Marketing Policy

XBTFX while not holding a broker license subscribes to the rules of major FX regulated jurisdictions and as such :

  1. Will never under any circumstances offer its services or market the same to citizens of the United States of America.
  2. Will not knowingly or as result of willful negligence directly market to / or target citizens of Australia, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and member states of the European Union.
  3. Will not call customers or potential customers to offer it’s services.
  4. Will never directly message via SMS messages or messaging apps such as Telegram, Whatsapp, etc customers or potential customers to offer it’s services.
  5. Will never in any shape or form misrepresent the risks associated with trading CFD’s.
  6. Will never in any shape or form exaggerate potential gains associated with trading CFD's.
  7. Will only directly market it's services & different promotions via e-mail to already existing clients.
  8. Will market it's services via the company's official social media channels without targeting any specific jurisdiction.
  9. May market it's services via banner advertising in jurisdiction where such advertising would not be contrary to local regulation.

XBTFX marketing strategy is built upon building brand reputation via world class customer support & services. This is achieved via content produced on our website, extensive educational materials, PR publications, paid publications and other forms that are not contrary to global regulatory standards.

Anything out of the scope of the above laid Marketing Policy should be regarded as attempts to misrepresent or defraud XBTFX and as such signals to report such should be sent to [email protected] .

Partners (also known as affiliates or introducing brokers) of XBTFX have the sole responsibility of acquainting themselves with the relevant regulations in the partners jurisdiction. XBTFX will not hold any liability if partners solicit clients against regulatory practices in said jurisdictions. In events of breach of regulatory requirements by partners the partners shall solely bear all liability and possible legal and financial consequences.

XBTFX reserves the rights to cancel partnerships upon discovery based on evidence of breach of regulatory requirements by partners.

Any evidence of inappropriate marketing and solicitation against regulatory requirements by XBTFX partners should be forwarded to [email protected] , after review XBTFX can immediately without any notice terminate partnership agreements.

Materials for Press & Media can be downloaded from here.

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