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XBTFX is a Cryptocurrency-based Forex CFD Provider, offering leveraged trading on digital assets and traditional financial markets. The company was founded in 2019 with a vision and goal to bridge the growing gap between cryptocurrencies and brokers while increasing features, transparency and usability. XBTFX wants you to trade freely, with confidence, using cutting edge trading platforms, low latency connectivity, superior liquidity, crypto flexibility, and security.

Established in 2019

200+ Trading assets

Licensed liquidity providers

20+ Employees and contractors

4 remote office centers

Key broker industry partnerships


All withdraws have been processed within a 24 hour time frame of their request

Generated volume for the year of over USD $ 10,000,000,000

Not a single coin lost

Execution speed on average under 10 ms

24/7 Customer Support via our HelpDesk

Strong actions taken in preventing illicit activity on XBTFX via partnership with industry leading KYC/AML provider SumSub


XBTFX is working proactively to become the world's most flexible, feature-rich, trusted crypto-only Forex & CFD broker. Why crypto-only? A question that is asked less and less as time moves forward and crypto adoption grows. The answer is simple, for active traders using international brokers, exchanges and platforms, crypto is better, safer, faster and the new normal. We consider XBTFX primarily a technology company and we focus a lot of our efforts in working with our partners to develop new tools for our traders. Developing new deposits methods for new cryptocurrencies by itself is not an easy task.

In line with our task , we are constantly working towards regulatory licensing and compliance as traditional finance and laws continue to merge with the crypto ecosystem at an increasing pace. We have made incredible strides and progress in preventing illicit transactions on our platform and we are continuously exploring regulatory changes. We expect to be able to offer an all-in-one platform for your crypto-to-crypto exchanging and maybe even crypto-to-fiat in the future.

In line with our roadmap, we hope that by the middle of 2021 we will introduce one new trading platform that will target professional and non-professional discretionary traders with amazing charting and funding capabilities. Along with those plans, we also plan to introduce our first crypto-derivate contracts which will deliver new trading opportunities for traders that prefer to specialize in leveraged crypto trading as opposed to the traditional markets on our platforms.

Our team specializes in taking ideas, dreams, and goals to reality. The future is on our hands. We thank you for placing your trust with us.

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