For Money Managers and Investors

Leverage your trading success by creating your own investment fund and get paid for volumes or profit made on investors' accounts.

What is a PAMM ?

A PAMM ( Percentage allocation management module ) allows clients/traders to create their own investment fund and scale their success with fee payments from investors for profits made on their accounts or volumes. All investors' accounts are combined into one big trading account where the money manager opens positions. Investors cannot trade - they simply receive profits & losses in proportion to their investments.

XBTFX PAMM can be used with a leaderboard of strategies for all clients as well as privately with custom allocation settings.


Up 100X forex, 25X Crypto, 100X Metals & 50X CFD Leverage for Master accounts. 


MetaTrader 5 Platform Supported

USDT Balances

All accounts are denominated in USDT base account currency on the MetaTrader 5 Platfrom

Raw Spreads

PAMM managers and Investors trade only on Raw ECN accounts under our default Fee Schedule

XBTFX Social: Fully-Featured PAMM

Our platform provides all the basic and advanced functions for these type of products:

  • Manual and scheduled execution of deposit & withdrawal requests

  • Automated subscription and unsubscription of investors via the leaderboard
  • No need to close masters' positions during deposits and withdrawals

  • Several execution options including autocorrection on withdrawals or without realloation on deposits
  • Fees for investors can be set individually

  • MetaTrader 5 ECN USDT accounts
Allocation with maximum precision

All users can become investors in PAMM accounts regardless of how much money you have. 

It works in the same way with as little at $30 or as much as $300,000. Either way, the platform will calculate their share in positions and distribute the PnL to their accounts.

For Positions Up To
0.00000001 lot
For PnL Allocation Of Crypto Currencies Up To
0.01 USDT
Manual and scheduled execution of deposit & withdrawal requests

A PAMM Master account is combined from the balances of all slave accounts. All deposits and withdrawals by investors affect the balance of the master account as well as the free margin.

In our PAMM platform, when an investor makes a deposit or withdrawal it is not executed immediately - he makes a deposit/withdrawal request that will be executed manually or by scheduling it.

So the money manager always has full control over the time of execution of deposit/withdrawal requests and can prepare his account for this event while adjusting the position sizes without any danger of accidental stop outs.

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