XBTFX Broker Fees

Find out about all our fees so you know exactly how much you are paying when you trade with us.

Trading Fees



Deposit Fee



Withdrawal fee

Zero for non ETH ERC20 tokens, ETH/ERC20 FEES apply

Zero for non ETH ERC20 tokens, ETH/ERC20 FEES apply

FX, Commodities & CFDs fees

Zero Commission

$3.5 / lot / side

CryptoCurrency fees

Zero Commission

0.075 % / lot / side

Share CFD, per share

USA: $0.10, EU, ASIA, Russia: 0.45%

USA: $0.10, EU, ASIA, Russia: 0.45%


Exchange Fees

XBTFX exchange cost are built into the amount exchanged to be received.

When exchanging inside the XBTFX user interface, the amount of exchanged crypto being received before confirming the transaction includes all exchange costs. The difference is typically 2-4% depending on the exchanged coins, direction and market condition. 

Inside the XBTFX exchange interface simply enter the amount you would like to exchange and an exchange quote, with costs included, will be presented to you in realtime.

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