XBTFX offers all of its accounts type for corporations with flexible trading conditions and leverage up to 500:1. Find our requirements for corporate clients below.

Corporate account requirements

XBTFX offers corporate accounts. Depending on deposit size and volume these accounts could be subject to special terms. However, due to the nature of dealing with corporations we need to go through a thorough AML/KYB procedure for Corporate Clients.

What documents are required? Some documents may vary for specific jurisdictions.

1. Incorporation Documentation

2. Shareholders and ID's of all Shareholders (even minority) plus Proof of Address for Shareholders

3. Proof of address for the business

4. Latest audited company financial statement & bank account statement (if available)

5. Certiifcate of Good Standing within the legislation of incorporation

6. Proof that shareholders haven't been convincted for any crime

Upon document receival corporate clients will be required to sign an AML Declaration.

To open a corporate account contact us via e-mail : [email protected] 

Important: Additional documentation could be required based on the place of incorporation. We don't accept Corporate Clients from legislations falling under FATF High Risk zones for Money Laundering.

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