Deposit and Withdraw in Multiple Cryptocurrencies

Available Wallets inside the XBTFX User Interface

  Crypto   Stablecoin
Bitcoin Deposit & Withdrawal Bitcoin Tether Deposit & Withdrawal Tether
 Ethereum Deposit & Withdrawal Ethereum USD Coin Deposit & Withdrawal USD Coin
Litecoin Deposit & Withdrawal Litecoin Paxos Standard Deposit & Withdrawal PAX
Ripple Deposit & Withdrawal Ripple DAI Coin Deposit & Withdrawal Multi-collateral DAI
Bitcoin Cash Deposit & Withdrawal Bitcoin Cash
Binance Coin Deposit & Withdrawal Binance Coin  
Cardano Deposit & Withdrawal Cardano    
Stellar Lumen Deposit & Withdrawal Stellar Lumen    
Dogecoin Deposit & Withdrawal Dogecoin    

* Tether ( USDT ), USDC and PAX deposits, withdraws or exchanges including withdrawals of any crypto over $10,000 equivalent per day require KYC Level 2

XBTFX Metatrader 5 trading accounts can only be denominated in BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT and DAI . Clients depositing with any other of our supported cryptocurrencies will need to use the XBTFX exchange function to convert into BTC, ETH, XRP, or USDT / DAI to be used for trading.

- Withdraw your funds using your preferred Cryptocurrency

- Zero fees when Depositing or Withdrawing

Exchange capabilities built into your FX Broker

Clients are able to exchange their available cryptocurrency balances directly from our Account Managemet back-end. Find the fees for exchanging below. 

Exchanging between stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies requires Level 2 KYC Verification. Read more.


Exchange Fees


At XBTFX the exchange cost is built into the amount exchanged to be received.

When exchanging inside the XBTFX user interface, the amount of exchanged crypto being received before confirming the transaction includes all exchange costs. The difference is typically 2-4% depending on the exchanged coins, direction and market condition.

Please note limits apply for exchanging into Stablecoins. Limits are currently set to a maximum exchange into stablecoins from other cryptocurrencies to the equivalent of 20,000 USD.

* USDT accounts require completion of KYC procedure as stated in our AML Policy. 

*XBTFX applies a strict AML, Due Diligence, Counter-Terrorist Financing Policy to all wallet and exchange transactions. 

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