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- All systems have a restart time without execution and prices up to 10 minutes everyday at 21:00 GMT+0, but on Sundays the restart time is at 20:00 GMT+0

- Liquidity bridge servers restart everyday at 21:06 GMT +0 (Sunday at 20:00 GMT +0). It can take up to 10 minutes with no pricing or execution.

- MT4 and MT5 servers have a scheduled maintenance without execution and prices during 0-1 minutes everyday at 00:00 GMT+0


Forex markets are all open 21:00 (GMT+0) on Sunday and close 21:00 (GMT+0) on Friday.

Note : In certain circiumstances it is possible for XBTFX to plan longer maintances of its servers, such planned maintances will be communicated to clients via e-mail. In the event of maintances result of unforseen events XBTFX will do the best in its ability to restore normal service as soon as possible.