Affiliates and Partners

Earn up to 30% of what your referrals pay in trading fees

New! Self-referral allowed

Affiliate link is given upon user registration

Earnings are paid every hour, in Bitcoin, for every round lot traded 

Multi-level structure of 3 levels , Earn from partners you refer  

Performance tiers of earnings available based on trading volume 

Earnings are for the lifetime of the referred account

Affiliate Payout Structure

Total Referred Round Lot Traded Monthly % of fees
 0-499  10%
500-999  20%
1000+  30%

Volume amounts are in round lots, the trade must be open and closed to be credited. All payouts are added after trade close every hour.

Affiliate payouts do not increase the trading cost for anyone that signs up via such a link. In other words there is no mark up on spreads or commissions for our customers. 

Partners that want to get started but have more questions are free to contact us at :

It is important for partners to get familiar with the agreement before and agree to the terms before applying for a partnership.

Affliate agreement

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