Up to 500:1 Leverage

 Up to 500:1 Leverage for all Forex pairs

 Up to 20:1 Leverage for all Crypto pairs

 Stocks & Indecies leverage with margin utilisation

 Commodities leverage with margin utilisation

Please note XBTFX does not support the use of unsustainable margin. We urge only professionals to employ high level of margin utilisation.

Clients can select there prefered Leverage type upon opening a MT5 account with options of 50:1 , 100:1, 200:1 and 500:1.

Please note that CFDs are leveraged financial products and therefore as such, trading CFDs involves a high risk of loss as price movements are influenced by the amount of leverage the client is using. For example, if a client is using 50 times leverage a movement of 0.5% will result in a gain or a loss of 25%. Nonetheless, as a result of the ‘Negative Balance Protection’ ( ‘NBP’) you may not lose more than your initial investment.

Trading CFDs is not appropriate for all persons. Under no circumstances, should you risk more than you are prepared to lose.

Please read our risk disclosure notice.